B Coffee Co - Machine

Technical Details

Operating and start-up Procedure

Answer: Please see visual guide below.

Tips: Always rinse the machine every time before making coffee to clean up the brewing chamber and meantime heat up the whole system for the best yield of coffee. This is the best way of machine maintenance daily.

Answer: Please see visual guide below.



Small Icon (Ristretto) = 25ml, 

Middle Icon (Espresso) = 40ml, 

Large Icon (Lungo) = 110ml


Answer: To refresh the inside parts of the system, you can choose to rinse several times without the capsule and  try to wipe the inside of the group head with a soft brush or cloth from time to time. Clean the casing with a soft damp cloth. The water tank and drip tray can be washed in warm water (not hot water).

IMPORTANT:  Before attempting to clean the machine, remove the plug from the power outlet. Do not immerse the machine, and/or power cable in water or other liquids.  Allow the machine to cool before starting the cleaning procedure.

Answer: Yes. Please see the chart below.

type of water


Step 1. Fill water tank with 110ml pure water (around 80% of the total capacity);

Step 2. Pour in to the water tank your scale remover, wait for 5minutes or stir to dissolve; 

Step 3. Install the water tank to the correct position carefully and press the 110ml button no less than 3 times. 

Step 4. Wait for 10 minutes and pour pure water into water tank and start rinsing again for 2 times

Step 5. Damp a soft cloth in a warm water and start wiping the inside of the group head of the machine.

Trouble Shooting


Check the water tank if it has enough water. Press the water tank downwards and gently to ensure proper fittings to the base.

Answer: The machine needs a cleaning procedure. Please refer to operations manual for the procedure.

Answer: Possible reason is the machine is barely getting water from the water tank. Please ensure the tank is properly placed.

Answer: Please see visual guide below.


Answer: please see the Where to buy section in our website

B Coffee Co - Capsules

Answer: We encourage everyone to use it once to achieve best B Coffee experience. But you can use the capsule more than once. The quality of coffee brewed however will diminish greatly upon the second cycle.

Answer: Our coffee capsules are 100% Arabica coffee.

Answer: Yes. Our coffee capsules are best paired with our own coffee machines. However, in the absence of our machine, it is compatible in any Nespresso original machine or any Nespresso-compatibility only.

Answer: Yes. As long as it is Nespresso-compatible.

Answer: please see the Where to buy section in our website

Answer: Sustainability is a core value of our company. Although currently we don’t have a full solution yet, we are currently busy working on it and will update you shortly! Follow us on our social media for more updates.

B Coffee Co - Other

Answer: Please check our reseller section in our website and please do apply to us

Answer: You may send your queries thru info@bcoffee.co